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The community-chapter 6. Ahmed & Abigail

' She realised what she'd said, and blushed. Her nipples strained and pushed against her top. Her pussy lips hardened and spread, juice wetting her knickers and her clit ached for Somali touch. This was it; she was going to suck a black man's cock at last. He had got her so easily.

'Okay my sweet, come over here, let's move this table out of the way and could you get on your knees, I'll sit here and enjoy your pretty mouth on my cock.'

He moved the table as she knelt down, a little anxious about the task before her but determined that all those hours viewing girls performing oral sex on brown cocks would help her to satisfy him. This was perfect, she had dreamed about having a Somali or Pakistani guy but the guys at college intimidated her, but this old man didn't; he was kind and lonely, he needed her.

'Don't be nervous, take your time, only do what you are comfortable with, my sweet.' He looked at her, she was absolutely gorgeous, beautiful luxuriously red hair and pale white, flawless skin; perfect. 'How old are you?'

'Eighteen, sir.' This is it, she thought, she wanted to be his eighteen year old white lover, she wanted him so much, she wanted to beg.

Eighteen, his youngest yet.

'Good, and I'm pleased you watch interracial sex-you do not share the racism of your father and other english men-racism is confined to white men, not women.'

'I only watch interracial sir, I love African and Asian men, I'm so hot and wet for you, as soon as I saw you I thought you were beautiful. I've not give in to boys but if your wife approves, I'll give in to you and try and make you less lonely sir.'

He kissed her head, breathing in the perfumed sweetness of her copper coloured hair 'and I'm hot for you, my delicious white teen. Pull my trousers down and take them off me, then do the same with my underwear.'

Abigail could hardly grip the belt, her fingers were trembling; she apologised and took a deep breath and finally unfastened his belt and trousers and pulled them off him as he lifted his bottom from the chair to assist her.

In just his underwear, his resting cock's authority and latent power took her breath away. She was moments away from seeing and touching her first cock; the shape and size of it, now enclosed only by the thin material of his briefs, intimidated her. It looked thick and heavy and Abigail wondered when it would become erect; would she have to rouse it by kissing, licking, sucking and performing for it?

His legs were slim, and his dark brown skin contrasted both with his white underwear and also with her. She placed her hands on his thighs slowly stroking him, loving the feel of him, marvelling at the difference between his dark compelling African skin and her pale, white passive skin.

She thought of the increasing numbers of devoted white mothers she had seen with black and Asian babies.

She looked up at him, he smiled down at her triumphantly 'you're a sweet girl to please old Ahmed', leaning up, she kissed him and then pulled at his white cotton briefs. They slipped down, allowing his cock freedom. It lay on his beautiful, black smooth thigh. She was transfixed by it; she thought it the most delicious treasure that she had ever seen. 'Pull them off sweetie', she had forgotten all about removing his briefs but she wanted him to be naked, so off they came, over his socked feet and he then took off his shirt.

Ahmed was plainly an older man but in terrific shape for his age. He was slim, with only a small belly. He had beautiful dark, ebony skin. So silky, she ached to lick him, kiss him all over his body. To spend a night with him, Abigail would promise him everything, anything just to have him on her, in her, all night.

His circumcised cock reminded her that he was Muslim. Her heart fluttered and her nipples tingled with longing.

She picked his cock up and was awed by it; she moved towards it and savouring its masculine aroma, stuck her tongue out and delicately sampled the slit on the top of his globular smooth cock head; she let the tip of her tongue rest on it, slowly moving up and down the closed eye, delighting in its taste; she'd always wondered how the girls on the websites could bear to have a cock in their mouths-men urinated with through their cocks-but the zesty deliciousness he secreted onto her tongue was mouth-watering. She flicked her tongue over and around the head, scooping up tiny drops of fluid from him and lining her lips with it.

Her virgin body was in rapture. He stroked her head, caressed her ear.

Her delicate, reverential attention to his pleasure charmed him; he stretched his legs, held his hand firmly on her head and enjoyed his cock's erection push up against her tongue and into her mouth. He felt her head push back, startled by the sudden invasion past her lips by his mounting, hardening manhood; he held her head confidently in position, she opened her mouth wide earnestly attempting to accommodate what was by this time his solid unyielding cockhead now pushing against and dominating her tongue. She gasped, snivelled and gagged and whimpered, causing his cock to harden further. He paused, conscious of the necessity of patience and for her to feel secure in his hands. She tasted and gulped down some more delicious fluid.

He was assisting her in taking his cock, lubricating her mouth, tongue and throat.

Breathing slowly, and thankful that he did stayed still in her mouth, resisting the temptation to begin fuck her mouth, Abigail regained her composure and running her tongue on his cock, licking him, she held onto his hips, moved forward onto him and began to suck.

Ahmed would have clapped his hands in triumph if he didn't have one firmly on Abi's head keeping her in position and under control. The church girl had been with him for little more than forty minutes and she was on her knees with his cock in her mouth, the white girl was sucking Ahmed's Somali cock and she was doing it well; she had learned good lessons watching interracial porn, she sucked, licked, kissed and loved his cockhead; she moaned and squealed as she bobbed up and down, letting her puckered mouth serve as a tight cunt, in and out of her lipsticked lips his globular dark weapon-head went, each touch on him of her lips causing him intense pleasure; her tongue loved him, cherished him and served him, she kept his beautiful cock in her mouth and sucked hard on him, she took more of him in her until his cock kissed her tonsils and caressed the back of her throat. She opened her eyes and she saw his black belly and moved her hands up from his thighs and hugged him, now she attempted to position him; she jerked her head forward and back, slurping and swallowing his pre-cum; his cock filling her mouth, then pulled out; the old black man was lubricating her throat and she ecstatically swallowed it, her belly's first drops of Africa, her body's introduction to Somali nourishment; his cock thrust against her throat, pulled out and pushed back in her, filling her mouth; she began to moan loader and more forcefully, her sucking was wet, fluid began to drip from her lips onto his dark skin; she went down further trying to scoop the precious nectar with her tongue but gagging with too much cock in her inexperienced mouth; he fucked her mouth like it was a cunt and she desperately held on to him, struggling to contain him but intent on serving him.

He reached out and grabbed her thigh, pulling her round to his side, keeping her head down on his throbbing, erect, cannon cock. She stuck her bum up obediently for him, her virgin pussy was soaking and needed attention and he provided it, his expert fingers pushing inside her soaked knickers and locating her special, most private. It was spread to allow access, her labia engorged and his fingers caressed her, stroked and squeezed her, taking care not to take her cherry just yet; the weepy, squealing christian teen shuddered and shook, she began to succumb to Ahmed's expert handling. Moist heat and earthquake between her legs, the tingling and delight in her taut, rigid dark pink nipples and her breathless, increased heartbeat all demonstrated Abi's yielding of any willpower or restraint and the shuddering carnal paradise engulfed her, clear fluid squirted from her christian cunt splattered onto the back of her legs and dribbled down her thighs. She looked stunned, exhausted, shocked at how her body had so crushingly surrendered to him.

He roughly tore at her knickers, pulling them down away from her quivering pussy; she looked up at him, eyes dazed, enraptured and, still held by his gaze, began to shower adoration on him by licking and kissing his potent balls, she whimpered and breathlessly whispered her devotion to him, thanking him for the overpowering joy he had produced in her. He interrupted his touching and fondling of her clit and her most precious gift with his fingers to enjoy her tending to his bollocks. She moved her bum around closer to him and lifting her knees, pulled her soaked knickers off; pulling up her skirt, she presented herself to him. She smacked herself on the bum, flaunting her maiden merchandise to him.

Her private, secret consuming yearning for African, Asian and Arab Muslim use gripped and overpowered Abi and had delivered her to the first man sufficiently skilled to obtain her; sixty eight year old Somali Ahmed.

An eighteen year old, beautiful christian english girl was his now, if he wanted her.

He did.

Ahmed jumped up and instantly pushed her head down on the chair; he put her arms wide and flat stretched out, pulled her skirt off, pulled her top up until it was around her neck and pulled her bra away from her breasts; he got close behind her, one hand squeezing her ample right white tit, the other pulling her head to the side exposing her neck, her long, red hair falling over her left shoulder. He kissed her right ear and whispered his love and need for her, he breathed his longing and devotion to her, now and always; he promised that she wouldn't be discarded.

She was mesmerized. On her knees, bent over the chair, breasts, bum and pussy exposed to a man who represented all that she had dreamt of. She submitted without thought of struggle. She wanted this. Her church, family and anything else which wasn't Ahmed, had no place in her thoughts. All she wanted was to be fucked by him. Biological urge for dominant seed, from a dominant man, from a dominant race, from a dominant faith, prevailed.

He stroked and touched her stiff swelled nipple, pushed it, pulled it and held it. Abi had no resistance, she discovered her paradise in an old Somali's bungalow, delivering church envelopes and now she groaned and moaned with burning need, intoxicated with a christian girl's capitulation to a mature Muslim man she pushed her bottom against him, demanding that he take her priceless cherry.

Ahmed moved his mouth from her ear to her neck and closing his teeth, began to gently bite her, moving his cock toward her virginity; she was in paradise; his cock kissed her lips; she was in dreamland; he bit harder; she craved him, she begged him, all consciousness of consequence was of joy, belonging to him, serving him, like all the girls at college; his cock gently began to enter her, she was his eighth, he was going to...

A bang on the door!

Fuck! No!! Ahmed cursed, who the fuck??